Fitness tips from Parineeti Chopra

These Fitness Tips From Parineeti Chopra Will Pump Up Your Motivation!

These Fitness Tips From Parineeti Chopra Will Pump Up Your Motivation!

Parineeti Chopra is the emerging face of Bollywood. The bubbly, playful and energetic actress has won hearts with her films. Her projects like Ishqzaade, Hasee Toh Phasee and Meri Pyaari Bindu have been well-received by the audiences. However, she has made the most news through her phenomenal body transformation. With dedication and determination, she has rendered those speechless who constantly trolled her for being overweight.

Fitness tips from Parineeti Chopra

“It is a mind game,” she confesses about losing weight. She realized that to make it big in Bollywood, she needs a mind-blowing figure in addition to commendable acting skills. She left no stone unturned to get the body of her dreams. Her motivation was her struggle with dressing up.

“Earlier, I wouldn’t wear sleeveless tops, peek-a-boo dresses or ensembles that exposed even a hint of my cleavage. Now, I can wear them all.”

Her size has dropped from 38 to 30.  She feels a lot sexier, and her confidence has increased manifold. She is the happiest and the fittest she has ever been.

Here are some of the tips that she followed that you can easily incorporate into your lives too:

Portion control is the key:

Parineeti is a big foodie. She has always indulged in high-carb and fatty foods. Her extreme love for food was one of the major reasons that she was overweight. Tackling her cravings was the biggest problem.

She religiously restrained herself from foods loaded with carbs and sugar for six months. She did not eat after 8 pm, went clean and had limited portions.

For the first two weeks, she ate light meals before moving on to a stricter diet regime. It was not a particular chart, but a gradual lifestyle towards healthy eating. Following some rules became important because she has a tendency to gain weight easily due to her poor metabolism.

Fitness tips from Parineeti Chopra

“I have always fulfilled my cravings but the only difference is that the quantity on my plate has decreased. If anybody tells me to stop eating chocolates or pizzas, I won’t be able to do it. Now, I have limited portions of everything. Also, every time I indulge in a fatty food item, I balance it out by either having a light meal for dinner or burning more calories the next day.

Mix Up your Workout:

She was not a fan of working out and who really is? But when she started her weight-loss journey, she found a way to keep herself motivated and also have fun – mixing up the workout. She hated spending time at the gym. So along with her trainer, she devised different kinds of workout.

Fitness tips from Parineeti Chopra

The monotony of a workout is a huge burden. So on some days, she runs on treadmills and lifts weights, and further, she sometimes swims, goes for horse-riding and practices a form of martial arts from Kerala known as Kalaripayattu. Dancing is her go-to workout as she loves it.

“I like keeping it fun and relaxed because that is when you are sure to get results. It’s important to be consistent, stay active and sweat it out.”

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Consult a Specialist:

Parineeti underwent a detox programme in the Australian Health Centre. She was tested for any food allergies and also to find out what foods suit her body. A diet plan was then drafted according to it and she had to follow it rigorously.

However, we all are people of limited resources. Instead of going all bonkers, we just need to consult our local physicians or dieticians. With simple tests, they can determine what foods your body can tolerate and what not. This will help us to increase foods which activate our metabolism and provide the deficient nutrients.

This step is necessary when we want to shed those kilos for once and good. It is also mandatory that we have a good water intake and keep ourselves hydrated. The benefits of drinking water cannot be overstated.

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 Keep it simple:

The principle that is behind this drastic transformation is sustainability. If you are able to stabilize your new lifestyle, then there’s no stopping and we can only sustain a regime if it is simple enough for us to follow. So, in addition to all the aid she received in her weight-loss, she drew an eating style which she can consult always. Here is her diet:

  • Early Morning – 1 cup warm water with lime juice.
  • Breakfast – One glass of fat-free milk, brown bread with peanut butter, two boiled egg whites, juice sometimes.
  • Lunch- Brown rice, dal and roti, leafy vegetables, and a green salad.
  • Evening Snack – Fat-free yoghurt or green tea
  • Dinner- Light, Fat-free meals, Veggies, a glass of fat-free milk or sometimes a chocolate shake.

She ensures taking each meal on time and eat her dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Fitness tips from Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti felt on top of the world when she achieved her dream body. Her happiness knew no bounds and so will yours.

“Getting fitter is just like getting a new haircut. It changes the way you look and also changes your outlook towards a lot of things in life. You start to feel amazing and it’s hard to feel depressed. Earlier, I was a lazy person – a couch potato who’d love watching TV while eating a slice of cheesy pizza. Since I’ve started to look better, there is a lot of change in me. Even my relationship with my body has changed drastically. To sum it up, good physical health equals good mental health.”

Fitness starts today, only procrastination tomorrow. So quit all your excuses and get on your feet, because we all dream but only winners make them come true.

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